La defensa dels drets i la dignitat de la persona amb malaltia mental.



L’assessorament i tramitació de la incapacitat, la tutela i la curatela quan sigui necessària, així com la titularitat i l'exercici si s’escau de tot el mencionat anteriorment.


Production of consumer goods

In 2001, our company produces plant for the production of consumer goods. This year, our company has invested in a small factory for the production of shoes. thanks to the professional skill range has been expanded and improved product quality.


Agricultural activity

In 2006, we start to develop the agricultural area. There is growing wheat, maize and other crops. This year, the company’s assets to join a large farm area of 45,000 hectares. Now our company has become a producer of wheat and corn.


Logistics and finance

In 2009 the company expanded significantly. There are areas of logistics and financial services. This year was very important for us. We have opened a new trend – the logistics and financial services. Suffice specific area. But thanks to new managers and professionals, we quickly came to the proper level of functioning.


Adamas Corp - market leader

Today, the state employees group company Adamas Corp. has about 27301 professionals at various levels. The highest quality of services and products allow us to declare itself as a leading company in the industrial bearing manufacturing areas, welded aluminum constructions.

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